Are you a business owner or merchant? Have you had to pay ridiculous amounts for transactions in form of swipe fees? Are you tired of just how unreliable the swipe system has been in the past and how it proved an impossible task gathering patronage statistics? Well then, I have got news for you as the ‘Gift And Loyalty Card System’ is one way to allay all of your worries as regards card systems. Just before we get into the benefits of the ‘Gift And Loyalty Card System’, it is only proper that we define what these systems are actually about. So what are these systems about really?

Gift Card System: This is that card sold to customers for personal use or to be used as gift to friends and family. This card can be redeemed at various store outlets with balances debited from the card as soon as a transaction is done. This card is meant to be swiped like regular credit cards through terminals like POS machines or online, with payments received by merchants just when sale is made.

Loyalty Card System: This card system is given to a customer at the sales point. The card is then to be presented by the customer every time he or she visits with points gained each time the card is used during purchase of goods from the said store. These points could be in form of percentages or dollars, depending on the mode of rewards agreed upon by the merchant. The huge advantage attached to this card system is the fact that merchants get to know their customers better as information like address, date of Birth, telephone number, email address of the client/ customer are all part of the information to serve as a means of card identification.

In the past, merchants couldn’t just switch to card system without the use of a credit card processor. While those without had to get affiliations with those who used a credit card based technology that was close to theirs. This was considered a rather expensive system as processing was rather difficult as these merchants had to pay a kind of transaction swipe fee as well as another additional fees monthly which came up to as high as $ 130 and above. It was all these expenses that led to the techie guys looking into this system in a quest to make transactions less expensive and probably for the invention of an inexpensive approach to daily transactions. This was what eventually brought about the use of a computer based technology. This was a huge break through as most merchants already had working computer machines and so it seemed like a rather great way out.

All thanks to research and technological advancement, we can now boast of a card system that works and one that knocks off the previous cost ineffective credit card system. Not only is this an affordable and convenient way for merchants to transact business with their customers, it also enables merchants have control of customers patronage as well as the database of these customers. With the use of the ‘Gift And Loyalty Card System’, the merchant need not worry anymore about the limitations to management reports often posed by the credit card system as he now has an array of reports to pick from which are at no additional cost.

These reports provide merchants with instant feedbacks which in turn aids these merchants with areas of improvement, information on the effectiveness of their card system whilst providing improvement options and also helps them make better decisions as they get all the information they need.

In as much as this is solely centred on ‘Gift And Loyalty Card System’, it is also good to state that there are a variety of other card based applications where they came from and so merchants have the option of choosing from an array of card systems the one that best meets their client’s needs and also that is in line with the merchandize’ operations. The fact that this card system boycotts the whole credit card process is not all the thrill there is to it as it also enables the merchant come up with promotional strategies for his customers that best suits them individually. In choosing a card system that works, it is often advisable to choose one that is futuristic. Why this is important is because businesses grow over time and so does the number of customers with this knowledge, it just wise to ensure that the card system picked has a design structure that can accommodate a large amount of data and so when the business grows, there is not an issue of database.


Some Of The Benefits Of Gift Card System Includes:

It increases the inflow of cash.
It arouses ‘on the spot’ purchase.
It provides very accurate internet based tracking methods.
It also generates a kind of reporting that saves time and makes reconciliation easier.
It gives merchants brand awareness within its environs.

Some Of The Benefits Of Loyalty Card System Includes:
It gives you a competitive edge.
Card members are more liable to refer others to visit
It leads to an increased Return on Investment.
Helps you capture customers’ information as well as tracking purchase history.
It does improve brand image.
Great businesses are a lot more than lip service as card system pays a very important role as seen in the benefits above.

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Loyalty Card System

This card system is given to a customer at the sales point.

Gift Card System

This is that card sold to customers for personal use.

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Research and technological advancement

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