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Calvin Klint is a retailer who runs a department store. According to a recent interview, he revealed his days of early beginnings and all the troubles he faced as a retailer and department store owner. He talked about his years dealing with credit cards systems and how his business literally almost went under as a result.
It was when asked about the secret of his success that he attributed a huge part of it to the use of Gift and Loyalty card system. He however felt prompted to do this piece on Gift and Loyalty card system after according to him he discovered that the economic situation was leading to an increased number of businesses going under after just a few months or years of existence. According to him he had to go on a research as to why most of them failed and it was due to non-sustainable patronage pattern.
He also went ahead to organize symposia for up and coming entrepreneurs on ‘Technologically Building Businesses That Stand The Test Of Time.



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